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Helliemae's Caramels COVID-19 Pandemic Safety

This pandemic has been hard on people, and it's created a lot of changes in the way we live. Here at Helliemae's, keeping ourselves and our customers safe during the pandemic has only changed a few things.

Things we've always done - we get an A+ from the health department, y'all:

  • Regular handwashing, at least 20 seconds, with nailbrushes and really getting into and around fingers, backs of hands, and wrists. We wash our hands: when we start a shift, when we touch a non-sanitized surface, after a bathroom break, after a meal or drink break, when we touch our face or hair or clothes or phones.
  • Gloves. We wear gloves any time we touch food that isn't already wrapped and packaged. And any time we change gloves, we wash our hands. When do we change gloves? Any time we'd wash our hands on the list above.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing. We clean surfaces and sanitize them any time we're using them for the first time on a shift, or there has been something non-sanitized on the surface. 
  • Accountability. All of us pay attention, and if anyone isn't washing hands or changing gloves or cleaning and sanitizing as needed, we gently remind each other and hold each other accountable.
  • No one comes to work sick. Anyone having symptoms of any sort of illness stays home. Always.

Things we've added:

  • Reduced physical contact. We are six feet apart.
  • Masks. We've got 'em, we wear 'em.
  • Temperature check and screening questions. The start of every shift, every time - we keep a log.
  • Contactless wholesale deliveries. For stores that are open, we deliver without requiring a signature, so that the delivery person can just drop off the bag and go. Also true for coffee shop sauce deliveries.

Do you have questions? We're happy to answer them. Drop a line at or call our main number at 303-834-7048. We'll answer all your questions.

Stay safe, keep calm, and eat caramels.

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